Ongoing projects:

A. Water Supply and Sanitation Project (WASH)

Access to safe, equitable, affordable, and sustainable drinking water and sanitation units in selected communities: The main objective of this project is to provide access to safe drinking water and sanitation units for deprived people of vulnerable and marginalized communities towards achieving SDG6.

  1. Strengthen and capacity development of the Drinking Water supply and sanitation management committees on-site sanitation management: The main objective of this project is to capacity development of DWSSMCs on-site sanitation management using indigenous ideas in an ingenious way.
  2. WASH Programme in School: The main objective of this project is access to sustainable WASH services in the community school and an on-site sanitation programme.


  1. WASH Project In Rankachuli, Nawalpur
  2. WASH Project in Chaurubge, Nawalpur
  3. WASH Project In Gairibari, Chitwan
  4. WASH Project in Gothiban Rolpa
  5. WASH Project in Sangram, Dang


WASH Improvement Site in Rankachuli, Nawalpur


WASH Improvement Site in Chaurange, Nawalpur


Constructed Stone Masonry Reservoir Tank



B. Forest Restoration Projects 



  1. Beljhundi Forest Restoration Project in Dang District
  2. Mauli and Lahan Forest Restoration project in Saptari District
  3. Jumla Forest Restoration  Project in Jumla District
  4. Khabari Forrest Restoration project in Dang District
  • Fighting climate change by developing a green community through tree planting projects in specific areas (FCCBDGC): The main objective of this project is to mitigate climate change effects by promoting tree planting in some specific places such as peppery spring water sources, public places, school promises, and landslide-prone areas.
Reforestation Project Site in Beljhndi Dang


Reforestation Project in Jumla




Great Initiation against frighting climate change
Reforestation Project Site in Mauli, Saptari