Past projects:

Strengthen and capacity development of the Drinking Water Supply & Sanitation Management Committee (DWSMC) in Nawalpur, Arghakhanchi, and Dang Districts:
This project’s main objective was to capacity development of DWSSMCs for the long term run of the water schemes by adherence to the O&M framework.

Repair and renovation of the existing drinking water supply and sanitation schemes access to safe drinking water and toilets for pro-poor houses which is very necessary:
The main objective was to reach out to the unreached people by access to safe, equitable, affordable, and sustainable drinking water and sanitation services for deprived people who are still falling most behind in the basic need of water & toilets.

Fighting climate change by developing a green community through tree planting (FCCBDGC): The main objective of this project was to mitigate climate change effects by promoting tree planting in some specific places such as peppery spring water sources, public places, school promises, and landslide risky areas.

Creating enabling environment for increasing the household-level economic status by promoting affordable and accepted climate-resilient agriculture and livestock initiatives: The main objective of this project was to increase the economic status by promoting community-based economic development activities.


Management of houses product (Solid and Liquid) wastage to use for productivity: The main objective of this project is to manage household product wastage for agriculture productivity.