Working Approach

  1. Adherence to the government goals:
    Partnership for Sustainable Development Nepal (PSDN), registered under the government of Nepal, all of the project activities are directly and indirectly designed to bring up positive changes in the social, behavioral, and infrastructural sectors along with the aim to support the goals set by the government on these sectors, such that the efforts from the governmental and non-governmental sectors will be parallel to meet the end goal within a short period of time.
  2. PSDN as a bridge for unreached people:
    The major working approach of the organization is to act as a bridge between the needs and necessities of the people and the aid organizations, whether it is government or any other national and international non-governmental agency to develop and implement the relevant project and programs for the achievement of expected results.
  3. Sustainability at the center:
    For the sustainability of the project, the organization adopts the approach of maximum participation of local people, and local governmental bodies promote public-private partnership from the design phase to the project handover phase. Also, the organization focuses mainly on the sustainability of the project after the handover. Thus the operation and maintenance training, formation of user groups and committees, and the adoption of a strong and relevant economical model that could self-support the longevity of the project are at the center of the organization’s working approach and strategy.
  4. Developing the feeling of ownership:
    With the participation of local people despite their gender, ideology, gender, caste, political preference, and other characteristics and promoting their ideas and including those ideas during the project implementation phase, the organization is strongly focused on developing the feeling of ownership of the project among the local people. Also, by involving the local people and other local governmental and non-governmental bodies during the monitoring and evaluation and other phases of the project and also facilitating certain contributions to the project directly from the local people, the organization aims to develop a feeling of ownership towards the project which will, in turn, help the projects become more sustainable and economical as well.
  5. Mainstreaming of GESI at all stages of the PSDN’s Projects: Gender equality, social inclusion, and women empowerment: The organization adopts the approach to participating all genders equally, strengthening the capacity of women, involve every social group equally in the project. Since the major goal of the organization is to improve the livelihood of people in a sustainable way through intervention in different sectors, GESI, women empowerment, and capacity building would be inevitable to achieve the end goal of the organization.